Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Twitter Twatter of Tiny Whiney Feet

It’s slammer time.

I haven’t hated something as much as I hate Twitter for a considerable time. Probably ever. If I had to vote for the worst feature available on the social network sites of today it would be the all intrusive ‘just been cranking to my chemical romance all day’ update.

So why on earth did someone deem it necessary to give birth to a site that is solely this annoying self centred activity of status updating? Even if you are Stephen Fry and you do come up with such witty of the moment things to say (like ‘all aboard for a bank holiday Heathers themed badminton party’, why post them on a site that seems to go out of its way to make it hard to use? Sure, if the pun committee wanted to they could totally blow Twatter away and be an instant top search. EASY!!!! But we don’t want to. Because Twitter is for losers and the slave driven interns of losers who have no choice but to tweet in order to get a decent reference for a job that actually pays at some point.

Shana Albert can go suck it with her 56 reasons for loving twitter:

What a nit-twit.

But Joshua Claybourn agrees with me:

So he can have a prize.

And it’s a view of this amazing photograph titled ‘Twitter killed my family’.

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