Monday, 25 May 2009

Quote of the Weekend 23rd/24th May # 2

Discussion with a stall holder at Tate Modern, task is to guess if the scene is of the past present or future. If you get it right you get a badge. 15:42pm

Ghengis (philosophical) : "Is it all of them, and none of them, at the same time?"

Stall holder: "No. Theres only one answer."

Paris: "All of them?"

Stall holder (unimpressed): "No. Single answer."

Ghengis: "Oh, past?"

Stall holder (pissed off): "No."

Ghengis (hopeful): "Present?"

Stall holder (frustrated): "No. It's the future; only the future can contain the past AND the present."

Paris (shy): "Can we still have a badge?"

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