Friday, 22 May 2009

Houston- on a un probleme....

I guess it was the late 80s or early 90s Whitney Houston of wobbly-voiced-whine fame became quite a fixture on the French chat-show and award ceremony circuit. The problem was she didn't get it from Jordy to Gainsbourg, she just didn't get it, and we can see disillusionment gradually fill her debutante eyes. This isn't America, cherie, and this is sleaze as you've never know it....Just check out these two clips from both ends of the sleaze spectrum, surprise, humiliation, embarrassment, incomprehension, indignation- Whitney does it all...
1 She's in the audience. She doesn't get it...

2. Still doesn't get it poor little flower (go Gainsbourg bee-tea-dubz).

 I conclude that it was probably the French who pushed her over the edge


  1. Toes are a curlin'. Squirmy McSquirmison. Good post Ghengis.x

  2. Dur dur d'ĂȘtre Whitney.