Thursday, 21 May 2009

Rage Against The (eco- friendly, solar-powered) Machine

10 reasons I hate hippies
There's some good bits and  its all nice ideas but...In (con)descending order...

10. Hippy Tattoos- Tribal Tatttos, or pseudo-ethnic crypto-messages 
9. Flip-flops- you live in a city,it's like having a neon sign for germs you pseudo surfer, it's not fucking Summer Bay.
7. Body Hair- I am a well versed and passionate feminist but shave your fucking armpits.
6. Recycling - I agree with it, I do it, but don't be hoity about it and presume we all know how; this is the reason i have a carrier bag in my handbag dedicated to "unconfirmed rubbish" that I deposit every day half a mile from work.  It makes me want to eat baby veal and drink unfair trade coffee out of a diamond cup whilst wearing mink.
4.Poi (picutred below)
3.The Presumption everyone would love to talk to you- they don't
2. Mooncups-don't!  Just make some allowances.
1. Hummus- Everyday I'm force fed hummus,  I used to love it but chick peas must have rights against exploitation too, right?

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