Saturday, 30 May 2009

Ten Things I Hated About....Being a Pre-teen Girl

1. Training bras- from the bitter perspective of someone who was 28AA until 16, to be honest in year 6 I would have been quite happy to wear a vest still, but it seems that became quite the post-P.E faux pas and so I tied to tiny triangles around myself for the next 5 years until ka-blam growth spurt. 
2. Scrunchies- or any sort of hair fastening popular at the time, especially those clips with the butterfly that wobbled around and left glittery schmutz in your (puberty-greasy) hair.
3. Ponies- They fucking love them.

4. Sugar Magazine's Problem Page- Every week without fail someone would have looked at their vagina in a mirror and freaked out, someone would have a crush on their girl best friend, someone would have thought they were pregnant after fingering. Nause. Also their horrific real life stories (pictured)
5. The Classics- Everyone started reading Jane-sodding-Eyre for SATs English and banged on about how they actually rather enjoyed it, and thought they "might move on to Dickens or Austen."
6. Cruel Intentions- the film, the soundtrack, the quotes, how a generation of girls planned to lose it to Counting just got too much. 
7. Everyone fancying the one male teacher. One girl even told him! OMG! She used to call him by his first name in conversation.
8. Camden Market- the stripy socks, the net skirts, the headache-y smell of incense, the Placebo listening. 
9. Poppers- Seemingly the drug of choice for pre-teen girls 'who love to giggle and be hyper', we never knew their other usage.  I always only pretended to sniff- sorry guys; I was faking! 
10. Other teenagers- word.


  1. Genghis, another winning post. congrats. xx

  2. Tidy. Make me a contributor. Make me contribute.

  3. My Word-verification was "nonse", by the way. This is because you cause me to be online too much.

  4. haha! Christian-Slater the nonse.
    I'll permit you.

  5. that cruel intentions video brought back some serious memories. everybody loved it. you missed out the lesbian kissing bit with buffy though! that's the best bit essentially beacause everyone used to gigle at the string of spit that drifts between them when they're pulling away. appart from that ACE.