Thursday, 2 July 2009

Somewhat naked man with a gun picture of the day

How many times did you miss an opportunity and think "Oh I wish I had known before"? Too many. Well that never happened to this guy for one simple reason:


and you're not.

This dude right here is the embodiment of the expression "born ready". I'm pretty sure his militia friends call him Mr. 360 degrees. Terrorists on sight? Click click blah, Tango down. Post-lunch, Pabst Blue Ribbon induced drowsiness? That's what human-shaped sleeping bags are made for. Possible hook up with semi-hot chicks at the local NRA convention? Heeeeeeell yeah.

Don't let the goofy backdrop fool you: if awesomeness was a science, my man 360 would win a Nobel prize.

I shed so many pounds, I'm dancing in a poodle of fat!

Alternate title: "Work it out, bitch"

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Friday, 26 June 2009

Recently Departed Celebrity with a Gun Photo of the Day

R.I.P Michael Jackson
Some will blame it on the boogie, I will blame it on cardiac arrest.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Would it have killed me to rest my foot on the rung below?

Here's me. Just chillin'. Nothing awkward about this pose at all. I think my leg may be stuck now. 

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Titter Tattooer: Part 2

I will never ever EVER be bored by skin art mistakes. EVER.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Quote of the Day: June 22nd

Upstairs afternoon meeting.
Translation/Summary of Rant:

"Roisin, i'm going to shit all over you and you have to clear it up. OK? I just don't have the fucking time to fucking deal with my own messy stupid life."

Tit for Tat-oooh!

The Best or The Worst Tatttoos. You decide.

Karaoke in the Kitchen, June 22, 2009

What: The Verve, The Drugs Don't Work
Where: In the kitchen
Key line: Like a cat in a bag.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

10 Things I love about: The Elderly

1. Elderly clothes. Elasticated, practical and pastel. I can't wait.

2. Anyone that has lived that long to tell the tale, and by this I mean anyone over the age of 65, can say what they want. As soon as it pops into their mildly rascist wrinkly heads they spout it out. No filter between head and mouth. And the worst that they get in response is a tut tut or a rolling of the eyes.

3. Not only do they say what they want, but they eat what they want too. No more pretence at a figure keeping diet. If an old lady wants to eat biscuits three or four meals a day, then she will. Oh, and smoking pipes and/or 60 a day. Awesome.

4. The elderly get seats offered on buses they don't have to pay for. And they can talk to strangers and stroke dogs and coo at babies without anyone causing a 'what the hell's that peedo lady doing?' fuss. Lucky for some.

5. They don't have to work unless they want to. They can spend their pensioner days wearing slippers, doing crosswords, putting the kettle on, and watching afternoon telly. Sigh. Heaven.

6. By default, they have the best stories to tell because they have lived longer and seen better things, they know what they know, if you know what I mean. And you're never likely to forget these stories (if my own granny is anything to go by) because they get repeated to you so many times so many times so many times.

7. Nodding off is completely allowed, forgiven, and even expected. You've had a big meal and feel dosy? Why not fall asleep in your chair! Someone is waffling on about something that you can't hear or understand or care about? Take a nap! Oh, the envy.

8. They give the best hugs. A combination of a bit of bodily wobbliness, comforting old lady perfume, soft hands and spare time.

9. Their ability to constantly shock and surprise with choices of gifts. Book of erotic lesbian literature anyone? Marijuana leaf wallet per chance?

10. No matter what you think of them, they don't care. They were going to do what they were going to do, with or without your support. Rock on.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Respect your elders

They'll shoot you if you don't.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Once a Fat Kid, Always a Fat Kid.

This reminds me of my fat kid childhood. Being an overweight sprog is a state of mind.

This reminds me of my 'too much time on my hands' adolescence. If the creator of this hadn't got there first, I'm sure I would have bothered to edit special effects into it too.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Single, Naked, Female, with own Gun, WLTM...

The Trigger Happy Weekly's soulmates column won't know what's hit it.

Celeb Watch: Myleene Klass Update

Myleene Klass, according to reports, accidentally got superglued to a bed in a Costa Rican hotel.

The story goes that Klass's insect repellent reacted with the varnish on the posts. Ha! Oldest one in the book.

The source tells how "Hotel staff had to peel her off slowly but surely."

Myleene Klass - omelette woman.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Awkward Naked Band Photo of the Day

What a Schmo-bag....

Quote of the Day: 9th June

Angel Delight, standing up. 15:47pm

"The last thing I want is a penis in my butter."

Naked, armed and dangerous Italian Prime Minister picture of the day

"I'm through with wearing rocks for clothes"

Mmmkay, Silvio Berlsuconi is not exactly holding a gun in this picture but you don't need one when you're intimate enough with every single Beretta board member to call them by their first name. Holsters make you all sweaty anyway, they prevent you to move freely and feel comfortable about your body when all you want is to take off your pants and chill in the sun with your bodyguards. Nah really, Silvio is way beyond carrying a gun on vacation. He's all about fair play, giving you a chance to escape by restricting his infinite lethal potential to blunt weapons only. I mean, if he really wanted to set up a spicy encouter between someone's head and a bullet he would only nod at the unlucky bastard and let the henchmen/squadra volante take care of business. Like, Silvio is so awesome that he probably could shape that rock into an elegant suit or more likely a heavy machine gun just by unleashing the unearthly power of his mind. Maybe he wouldn't even use a rock, proving once again that his body itself is a perfectly designed and highly sophisticated killing machine sent from the future to destroy the human race. Hands of doom, lasers in the eyes.


"Click click, tu sei fottuto"

Where did you go to my Jordy?

How do you move forward from
this? He peaked at 4...
So what happened to Witty Pun legend after Dur Dur d'Etre Bébé. According to Wikipedia, he divorced his parents for explotation and was on a programme called Celebrity Farm- c'est la vie: 

"However, in 1994, the French government banned six-year-old Jordy from television and radio, out of concern that he was being exploited by his parents. Rumors of exploitation were furthered when the Lemoine family opened La Ferme de Jordy (Jordy's Farm), a children's tourist attraction which was a financial failure. In 1996 Jordy's parents divorced; he returned to school and was later emancipated.

As a teenager, Jordy appears to have an interest in returning to the spotlight. His appearance on the second season of the French television show La Ferme Célébrités 2 on April 302005was his first public appearance in almost 10 years. He was the final winner of this show on June 282005.

On February 282006 he released his first new single in 12 years, "Je t'apprendrai".

His new band called is called Jordy and the Dixies, It's kind of emo but you would be if you divorced your exploitative parents... they're here and not very's no Alison or Dur Dur, he doesn't rap anymore...

Here he is in an interview- check out the collar, the jury's out on weather he blossomed into something great or not. I say no.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Almost naked man with a gun picture of the day

Easy there, Papi.


I used to hate all lolcats and I still do but then I saw this...Awesome!

Quote of the Day

15.30pm meeting upstairs

(talking about a 'music' festival)
"It's debauched...and sustainable. Music"

No, it's a lamp.

Dubious picture of the day.

10 Baby Animals I'd Like To Breed With A Puppy...(not in a creepy way.)

Take 1 Puppy and breed with


10. Hedgehog
It would be called a Hedgedog

9. Leopard 
It would be called a Spotdog

8. Panda
It would be called a Danda

7. Grizzly Bear
It would be called a Griz-pup

6. Otter
It would be called a Dotter

5. Rabbit
It would be called a Dog-bit

4. Dalmatian puppy
It would be called a Puppy (duh)

3. Alpaca
It would be called an Alpupca

It would be called a Girawoof

1. Triceratops
It would be called a Tricerapup