Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Naked, armed and dangerous Italian Prime Minister picture of the day

"I'm through with wearing rocks for clothes"

Mmmkay, Silvio Berlsuconi is not exactly holding a gun in this picture but you don't need one when you're intimate enough with every single Beretta board member to call them by their first name. Holsters make you all sweaty anyway, they prevent you to move freely and feel comfortable about your body when all you want is to take off your pants and chill in the sun with your bodyguards. Nah really, Silvio is way beyond carrying a gun on vacation. He's all about fair play, giving you a chance to escape by restricting his infinite lethal potential to blunt weapons only. I mean, if he really wanted to set up a spicy encouter between someone's head and a bullet he would only nod at the unlucky bastard and let the henchmen/squadra volante take care of business. Like, Silvio is so awesome that he probably could shape that rock into an elegant suit or more likely a heavy machine gun just by unleashing the unearthly power of his mind. Maybe he wouldn't even use a rock, proving once again that his body itself is a perfectly designed and highly sophisticated killing machine sent from the future to destroy the human race. Hands of doom, lasers in the eyes.


"Click click, tu sei fottuto"

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  1. a real eyeopener (I whinced, but couldn't look away..)

    welcome to the fold x