Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Where did you go to my Jordy?

How do you move forward from
this? He peaked at 4...
So what happened to Witty Pun legend after Dur Dur d'Etre Bébé. According to Wikipedia, he divorced his parents for explotation and was on a programme called Celebrity Farm- c'est la vie: 

"However, in 1994, the French government banned six-year-old Jordy from television and radio, out of concern that he was being exploited by his parents. Rumors of exploitation were furthered when the Lemoine family opened La Ferme de Jordy (Jordy's Farm), a children's tourist attraction which was a financial failure. In 1996 Jordy's parents divorced; he returned to school and was later emancipated.

As a teenager, Jordy appears to have an interest in returning to the spotlight. His appearance on the second season of the French television show La Ferme Célébrités 2 on April 302005was his first public appearance in almost 10 years. He was the final winner of this show on June 282005.

On February 282006 he released his first new single in 12 years, "Je t'apprendrai".

His new band called is called Jordy and the Dixies, It's kind of emo but you would be if you divorced your exploitative parents... they're here and not very good....it's no Alison or Dur Dur, he doesn't rap anymore...

Here he is in an interview- check out the collar, the jury's out on weather he blossomed into something great or not. I say no.

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