Sunday, 24 May 2009

"Oh fancy seeing you have you been?"

I hate it when you see pictures of an ex and he's so much more successful and happy that you...he has his own sword., and it looks like his grunge-tribute band AND his own clothing line took off a treat. Diamond.

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  1. What?! You dated Tyrone too?! small world Ghengis! I'm glad he gave up the crack and threw himself into something productive though.

  2. Judging by his jeans, the journey to becoming a sword pro was tough but he made it.
    He never mentioned you two dated though....

  3. that's odd, we totally like dated for like totally a whole semester.. he talked about you loads. 'Ghengis used to let me suck on her thumb while i fall asleep, why won't you babe?'

  4. Oh- he promised never to tell anyone...We dated from my freshman year of high school to my first year of college. He was like 5 years older than me- I took him to prom and afterwards we went on his motorcycle and totally made it in this forest.